Monday, June 29, 2020

Weight loss, How is your quarantine ??

Weight loss, How is your quarantine ??
How is your quarantine ?? Have acquired new habits, or are dominated by anxiety discounting everything in food😕

It is not easy, there is so much going on around us, pandemic, unemployment, politics, and so many others that we end up forgetting, but the fact is that healthy people have less risks so be aware of the importance of taking care, reflect if you rediscover the first photo 4 years ago with a panic crisis taking andipressants and doped to sleep, 

a crisis that happened due to stress at the time, I didn’t accept that it was my destiny to be controlled by medication, today I rediscovered myself through physical activities and a style of healthier life, medicine I only take if it is really necessary. I gave myself another chance and you ?? The time is now. Your body is your temple, that's where you live !!

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