Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Weight loss, I lost 100 lbs my first year :

Weight loss, I lost 100 lbs my first year
Not my biggest (left). Not my smallest (right). But BOTH are my FITTEST. ⁣

I don't need to be a size zero or be skinny or even have an athletic build to KNOW both of these are the fittest in their time. Fit is not a size, it's a feeling. ⁣

It's called a journey for a reason. And I want you to know that not everyone aims to look like a size zero, not everyone aims to be athletic, and not everyone aims to replace meals with shakes. I LOVE to eat. ⁣

Both these versions of me are a healthy mind and body. ⁣

I eat as healthy and nutritious to my capabilites AND liking and I move my body the best way I can tolerate. ⁣

I chose a ketogenic lifestyle because that is the only way of eating that I've found that has worked for me. It gives me the energy, mental focus, a clean bill of health and the added bonus of weightlsos which wasn't my priority when I started this. ⁣

If that lifestyle works for you, great! If it doesn't, find what does work for you. Not anyone else. You. And be consistent. ⁣

I started my keto lifestyle April 2017 without using any special products (treats, drinks, candy, etc) for a whole year. Just real food. I started supplements around my 4th month and that was also a trial and error process until I found what worked for me. I lost 100 lbs my first year and have managed that weight overall since then.

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