Sunday, July 26, 2020

Weight loss, I’ve slacked at home

Weight loss, I’ve slacked at home
Sometimes you have to look where you started to see how far you’ve come. REAL ACCOUNTABILITY POST: It’s been a STRUGGLE being at home with all the foods in front of my face, not chasing around my 18 three year olds at preschool for work, and sitting on a laptop now all day.

I am blessed to have a full fridge, continue to be able to have a job, and have still lost a tremendous amount of weight. However, I have started to gain more back than I intended. I'M HITTING THIS AGAIN HARD 💪🏼 My goal had always been to be 180lbs. But once I reached that, I didn’t have any more ongoing ones other than to maintain, and get a booty 🤣 In February I joined a gym in hopes to continue my journey, but with Covid19 goin on, the gym was out the window.

I’ve slacked at home. I’m not as motivated, and I’ve started to overeat. Yesterday I started tracking my food again. (I’ve always remained low carb/keto foods) I have gotten lazy, comfortable if you will. And being, “comfortable” doesn’t allow for growth. So here I am, sharing my real life challenges and triumphs. Thanks for listening, encouraging me, and sharing with me.

I’m jumping back on this with new goals, new gains and new motivation! After all, most of my weight was lost by what I put in my mouth! I got this! 🙌🏼🥑🥓🥗🥩🥒

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