Thursday, August 27, 2020

Weight loss, The whole experience was amazing :

Weight loss, The whole experience was amazing
2 years ago, I wasn’t the healthiest. (Picture on the right. My first hike ever) I was obese and at risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. So I made changes because I realised that some people don’t get the opportunity; that today is a gift and tomorrow is never promised.
I taught myself how to run and do circuit training and sorted out my eating. Then stumbled across trail running and I never looked back.

The whole experience was amazing. Life changing.

Last year I started thinking of ways to share this experience with other people, so I applied for and won a Scholarship to become a personal trainer. I am almost finished now and looking forward to helping people change their lives too. My training for the most part is circuit training and trail running, although I like trying new things and do weights every now and then. I actually started weight training as part of the bodybuilding. Com competition last year which was a blast!

I’m heaps into fitness motivation as from my experience the real change starts in the mind. The body won’t go where the mind won’t take it.

The world is my oyster so who knows where this journey will take me. I have big dreams. If my journey thus far has taught me anything, its that anything is possible.
One of my favourite motivational quotes when I used to run on the treadmill was:
‘Everything seems impossible until it’s done’.

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