Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Exercise Lowers Cholesterol (Part 2) :

Exercise Lowers Cholesterol (Part 2)

👉 Exercise Lowers Cholesterol (Part 1)

Exercise Lowers Cholesterol (Part 2) :

Without a doubt, exercise makes the healthy difference.
Exercise is a must in order to protect you from cardiovascular disease for two reasons.Firstly, they are far beyond anything else our biggest disease problem, killing more than twice as many Americans as all cancers, nine times as many as all other lung and liver diseases combined and 28 times as many as all forms of diabetes.

Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, kidney diseases, multiple sclerosis and other high profile disorders are all minor (except to the folk suffering them) and AIDS, despite all it's publicity, isn't even in the hunt.

The second reason for stressing cardiovascular protection by exercise, distortions by the media of the deaths of bad informed people who went from long-term sedentary lifestyles into strenuous exercise programs.

For many good reasons, a thorough medical and physican's approval is a must before starting any exercise program.

According to John Hopkins Medical Letter, sudden exertion in sedentary people "raises their changes of a heart attack..100-fold".

Most people who have heart attacks during activity are sedentary or have underlying heart disease and overdo it.

But if you do the right exercise, five times per week for at least 30 minutes or longer, sudden exertion hardly increases your risk at all.

So ignore media headlines that yet another jogger has dropped dead during training. It was likely his first exercise program for years.

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