Wednesday, November 11, 2020

I’ve always loved an all black outfit, even at 300 pounds. 🖤

I’ve always loved an all black outfit, even at 300 pounds. 🖤
Happy Motivation Monday y’all!

It’s crazy to think that in the picture on the left, I am almost exactly DOUBLE the me in the right picture! I weighed close to, possibly even was, 300 pounds on the left and now I’m here on the right, at 150 pounds!

The physical changes I’ve gone through are clearly obvious but to me, these pictures represent a journey that has changed me and made me stronger than just the way I look on the outside.

I found me while losing 150 pounds! I found things out about myself that I didn’t even know! I found my light! My confidence! My courage to be unapologetically myself! My worth! My self love! My knowledge that even at 300 pounds and every where in between, I was and always have been good enough just the way I am! It took losing half of me to bring all of this into focus, but I’m a better Amber for it!

Will losing weight fix all of your problems? No. It definitely won’t. Especially if you go into this journey not willing to confront other things about yourself besides your want for losing weight. BUT, if you’re open with yourself and allow this change to help you grow in other ways, it will make you so much stronger in the end!

Weight loss isn’t about FIXING yourself. It’s about loving yourself enough to make this change for YOU!

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