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Lose Belly Fat For Women, 5 Effective Tips Women Can Use to Get a Sexy Flat Belly :

Lose Belly Fat For Women, 5 Effective Tips Women Can Use to Get a Sexy Flat Belly
In this article you will learn how to lose belly fat for women. Let's face it most women want to lose belly fat but they don't have the right information to do it properly. There are literally millions of sites and thousands of products available on the internet that are dealing with belly fat loss for women but the truth is most of the information that can be found on these websites do not work in the real world. What you need is a fool proven system that goes beyond traditional diets or quick weight loss scams.Read on and discover 5 techniques you can use to get a flat sexy belly.

1) Diets do not work Diets do not work to lose belly fat or to lose fat in general. Sure they work short-term but in the long term you gain all your weight back and even more. In fact diets actually slow down your metabolic rate. It is crystal clear you haven't failed your last diet your last diet has failed you. What you need is a proper nutrition programme that actually works with your body and not against it.

2) Stomach exercises are not effective Traditional stomach exercises such as crunches, sit-ups or abs machines are actually the least effective method to get rid of belly fat. Instead do hanging leg raises to train your abdominal muscles.

3) Long slow cardio will not help Almost every woman in the gym is doing long slow cardio and most of them are looking the same like a few months ago. Some of the leanest people out there never do any form of low or traditional cardio. Try high intensity interval training instead. A HIIT workout is one minute of high intensity training and then one minute of low intensity training. HIIt training burns fat much faster then traditional cardio.

4) Do weight lifting exercises To be or to stay very lean you will have to do weight lifting exercises. It doesn't matter if you like it or not what matters is that it works to lose fat fast. Do not worry that you will look like a female bodybuilder this will not happen. Cardio burns fat during the workout but weight lifting burns fat after the workout, but sugar during the workout.

5) Eat more frequent Most women only eat two or three times a day and now and often a snack or some fruit. Now if you want to burn stubborn belly fat fast you will have to eat at least five or recommended six meals per 24 hour period. Then your body gives a sign to your metabolism "hello become active again".

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