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Proteins, Fats and Midnight Meals :

Proteins, Fats and Midnight Meals
Proteins are undoubtedly the nutrients that are required for the well being, growth, maintenance, and development of the body muscle tissues. It is the proteins that supply the amino acids that are used in the building and structure of the various body organs, your hair, the nails, and the body immune system. For the bodybuilder the importance of this nutrient is underscored because it is required for the recovery of the muscles after the workout and also the additional muscles that require to be constructed in response to the workout will be made out of protein.

There has been protracted controversy between fitness experts and those who seat on the RDA board as to what amounts of protein are best for a person who is active for most of the day. Many persons are of the opinion that the right amount in this regard is 1-1.5g of protein for every pound of weight that you weigh. This is just fine for you if you are averagely active. For the bodybuilder this amount can be taken a notch higher say to 2g per pound of body weight.

On a day to day basis you should ensure that the total amounts of protein that you take in will form 30-35 percent of the day's total calorie intake. For a male who weighs 200lb and eats 3000 calories daily the right amount of protein will be 250g daily. This would represent 33% of the entire calorie intake. The female who weighs 130lb and eats 1950 calories daily, the recommended protein amount will be 160g daily which will also tally at 33%.

The best way to eat proteins is to distribute them out equally throughout the day. In the above cases the male would require to eat 35-43g of protein in each of the day's six meals. The female will have to use 20-30g in every meal.

Fats: The issue of fats is quite easy because the daily recommended amounts should be comfortable supplied by all the meals that you will eat on a daily basis. If you find that the amount is insufficient you can augment this by including peanuts, or a big spoon of either olive oil or flaxseed oil. This will ensure that the body gets the right amount of essential fatty acids. These types of fats are necessary for the body's sustained growth, and the maintenance of the body's well being and recovery. The daily diet should be composed of 10-15 percent fats.

Midnight meals: One of the least accurate inferences ever made was that you should not eat anything in the middle of the night because this will be converted into fat. This is preposterous and has no basis more so for the bodybuilder. What logic can be used to substantiate this claim while during the day you are required to eat 5-6 meals? Why would you want to fast during the night? This will have a negative effect on you because the hunger pangs may actually trigger catabolism. The proper midnight meal should be primarily protein based for sustained anabolism. Carbohydrates may not be so important basically since you are resting.

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