Friday, December 11, 2020

Weight loss, Getting closer and closer to my goal

Weight loss, Getting closer and closer to my goal 

In 2008, I weighed 300lbs and was a size 24W. I lost 100lbs eating lazy keto and kept it off for 12 years (plus had a second baby). This year I decided to get healthy and try counting macros. I started in May of this year until today. From 43% body fat to 27%.
Picture on left is from March at a local comic-con. (Not ashamed; I am a nerd.) I basically looked the same forever - I did get a few sizes smaller through the years from lifting but I never got the results I really wanted.

Today a friend of mine gave me some clothes (size 4). I didn’t think they’d fit - but here I am wearing it. Looks like I’m getting closer and closer to my goal. (And yeah, I have laundry I didn’t put away- 😳 didn’t expect to fit the skirt.)
Thanks for all the information. 💕

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