Saturday, January 2, 2021

I’d rather live with loose skin than die of obesity :

 I’d rather live with loose skin than die of obesity

What can you do in years time?
Well I did that 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
And since it’s NoSlackSaturday ‘round these parts, I’m about to go pound out some miles AND a HIIT session I missed earlier in the week.  KMac also would like to point out 2 NSV! First pair of white leggings I’ve EVER owned & I wore them in public. SECOND....I wore them with that shirt! 🙀🙀Also a first. Granted it was just to run in a store & grab something & I normally wouldn’t but I had no choice post workout. So I did 🤦🏻‍♀️🙈🙈🙈
Anyways I’ll kick off the first non-holiday day of the year putting in work & sharing my routine 🔥🙌🏻 Well enough of my’s the “deets” on KMac:
Age: 42 😜
Height: 5’6
Clothing size: started in 22 pants & 2x/3x shirts. Currently wear 5/6 pants & size small shirts. Even my feet 🦶 lost weight & a 1/2 size!
Length of journey: 23 months almost
SW: 300, my highest was 313lb
CW: 165 baby 💥
GW: Fit, Fine & FIRE 🥵 🔥 & 150-160 however I’m not as focused on a number anymore.
Started Fasting: I dabbled in Nov/Dec 2019 but got serious in Jan 2020 at 221lbs. I took a month & worked my way from 16:8 to OMAD. Prior to Jan 2020, I had lost 80lbs by just cutting calories, portion size, sodas, drinking tons of water & walking 3-5 miles a day, 5 days a week. I started at 1 mile & built up to that.

Fasting Routine: OMAD & no less than 21hrs daily. Holidays & special occasions I’ve been known to do 18:6 & 2MAD. I track my fasting hours using LIFE app. I also do an EF of 36-48 hours every 10 days or so & sometimes a 72hr.
Coffee ☕️ : Is that a trick question? DUH...ALLLL DAY!!
Water: 80-100oz daily. I drink only water & coffee unless you throw a milkshake at me! 🤭
Food: I eat healthy. I practice 80/20 lifestyle. 80% healthy & 20% absolute filth & I love it. I eat ALLLLL the foods & that includes CARBS! I’m a Carbie Girl in a Carbie World! Breadaholic
Workout: why yes thank you for asking 😂😂 6 days a week. 3 days of weight lifting & 3 days of cardio/HIIT & 70,000 steps weekly minimum. Sundays I rest 💤
Now! I track my macros. I eat high protein & I carb cycle. I suggest you Google that it explains it better than this Southern Princess can. That cycle ranges from 50g of carbs to 200g. I do not Keto. I never have & never will. Yes I eat “Keto” foods & recipes & yes some days I eat very low carb. I just don’t find it a sustainable lifestyle for ME! I track my calories, 1500 daily. I use the free version of My Fitness Pal to track. One meal a week I eat like a jerk & follow it with an equally offensive dessert 🧁😜😜. My scale is a Renpho, go ahead & spend that $20, that’s the app you see when I post my weight. It’s amazing!
Now the $1 million dollar question I’m always asked! Loose skin! Yes I have it. Yes I hate it. No I didn’t let the fear of loose skin keep me staring at the tons of fat rolls I had for fear of it. I’d rather live with loose skin than die of obesity. So there’s that. My life in a nutshell...see I’m not that interesting! 😂👍🏽😜

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