Tuesday, February 9, 2021

How To Lose Weight Without Willpower :

How To Lose Weight Without Willpower
Whatever you do, be realistic. If you're a lady who stands 5' 8", and is fairly large boned in the first place, don't for goodness sake look at some little sweetheart cavorting on the beach at Malibu who's five foot nothing and weighs 105 lbs.

Similarly, if you're a man, don't go admiring some whopping great bodybuilder who's 6' 2" tall, when you yourself stand 5' 6". Compare like for like, but less of it, if you take my meaning.

There's no such thing as the perfect body. My idea of the perfect female body is, believe me, very far from the 105 lbs sylph.

But if you're obese, then lose weight you must and preferably find how to lose weight without willpower.

The statistics are really quite alarming. There are 300,000 deaths a year in the United States alone associated with obesity and overweight. A Federal study puts the costs of health care from obesity at $92.6 billion. Not only that, but 15% of children are obese. Not just overweight. Obese!

As Judith Korner MD, PhD of Columbia University reminds us, obesity hits every organ system in the body and can take 20 years off a person's life.

Women tend to suffer more than men, because in general they have a slower metabolism. They have less muscle than men, and muscle metabolizes, or burns, more calories than other tissues.

Genes play quite a part too. If a person's parents were fat, then they're pre-disposed to becoming overweight themselves.

The major problem with losing weight isn't finding a diet; it's sticking to it. The same goes for giving up smoking, drinking, or any unwanted habit of which you wish to be rid. There's no doubt that the best way to give up anything like that is with hypnosis.

I don't care how strong minded you are, willpower simply won't work. Now, there's so much nonsense talked about hypnosis, that people become afraid of even contemplating it. Please understand that hypnosis is perfectly natural. It's a normal state and totally safe.

Mark you, don't have visions of going to a hypnotherapist, being hypnotized, and walking out of there 100 lbs lighter! That isn't how it works at all.

Basically, what it does is to implant the idea into your unconscious mind that you want to stick to your diet. That not to do so is unthinkable. To be on your diet is the natural thing to be doing in life.

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