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Setting Goals For Weight Loss, How To Do It The Smart Way : Step 4: REALISTIC

Setting Goals For Weight Loss, How To Do It The Smart Way : Step 4: REALISTIC

Unreasonable expectations... the main reason people fail (at weight loss, and many other things in life). Unreasonable expectations result in disappointment, which usually leads to de-motivation.

Carbohydrates, fats, sedentary lifestyle, food addiction, laziness, lack of willpower, etc. All these things are nothing compared to the destructive nature of de-motivation. It must be avoided at all costs.

... which is why it's so important to set SMART weight loss goals. Unrealistic goals are guaranteed to result in de-motivation, which means not only that you will fail with your current weight loss plan, but also that it will be more difficult to embark on one in the future -- due to emotional barriers.

Basically: if you want to stay motivated (which is absolutely essential for successful weight loss), your goals must be realistic.

How do you make sure that your goals are realistic? Consider this:

- You did not end up at your current weight overnight, so you will not lose it overnight.

- How far are you prepared to go? How bad do you want to slim down and how fast do you want it? Are you ready to work extra hard -- for extra results, or are you not in a hurry?

- What can you expect from your chosen method? Are you going to use extreme methods for rapid weight loss, or employ a more 'slow and steady' approach?

- What is your body capable of? If you're pear-shaped, you must understand that losing weight will not change the genetically predetermined structure of your body. You must understand that the stubborn fat in problem areas is going to be the last to disappear.

If a goal is physically attainable, it does not mean it's realistic. A goal is 'realistic' when you believe that it can be attained.

Know your limits. Set a goal you can achieve with ease. That way you can't go wrong. Do not challenge yourself -- unless it is something you genuinely enjoy.

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