Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Steroids For Body Building, More Harm, Less Gain :

Steroids For Body Building, More Harm, Less Gain
Those who are serious about body building usually look for short cuts along with their hard work and what better short cut can they see on the surface rather than the Steroids!

But this is a seriously wrong step. All that they see is that talking steroids or the artificial or synthetic hormones, grows the muscle quickly and makes it look beautiful as in the pictures of the wrestlers.

The reality is that while it gives a beautiful body outside it makes you weak internally. Here, consider the following harmful effects of steroids:

1. Consuming steroids lowers the sperm count, hence making it rather difficult to have a child.

2. Steroids bring a change in one's basic thoughts and make the person more aggressive.

3. In a long run, the steroids make you sterile.

4. Steroids give rise to several other physical health problems that you never would have thought of or wanted for yourself.

5. Taking steroids is a risk that you take for no reason. They may give those new cuts and proportions to the body but at the serous cost of your health in the long run.

6. The females who take steroids face severe hormonal changes and they start to talk, walk, and look just like a man.

7. Further steroids lead to serious health problems as they make your anabolic environment quite less conducive for serious muscle building.

8. The natural means of body building calls for a nutritious diet and good scheduled exercises. These are quite better means as opposed to the synthetic means of body building, so rule out this easy way out as soon as possible.

9. While some may think that their muscles' beauty is rather important than their health then the news is that steroids ad on muscle mass synthetically and make your muscles prone to it very soon. Then they rather become your addiction or you shall loose this beauty of the muscles & the body for ever.

10. Alas, we only advice you to opt for the natural methods of body building instead of steroids & other artificial methods, so as to have a beautiful & healthy body for a lifetime, rather than just a few years!

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