Thursday, April 29, 2021

Strength Training Ideas For Women :

Strength Training Ideas For Women
Although weight training has generally been a male activity, over the last two decades women have taken to the weight rooms or gyms and heath clubs, and sometimes even to their own spare rooms at home, with increasing enthusiasm. The benefits of strength training in woman should never be underestimated. Although large muscles should not typically be a part of the acquisitions that women get from weight training, increased strength, balance and bone density are.

A women-oriented fitness training books topped the sales because it was one of the first authorities to make weight training a pressing issue for women with promises of fat loss, increased strength and bone density benefits as a buffer against the onset of osteoporosis and other lifestyle and age related conditions.

Although women also produce testosterone - it is very essential for female sex drive - they do not produce as much as men do, and that is why women do not grow huge bulks of muscles under weight training stimulation or at any given time. Yet strength improvements and the stimulation of bone growth due to weight training is not necessarily a result of muscle size - one reason why weight training works for women (and can work for you) even though huge muscles will not happen unless you take steroids. So you can relax about that aspect.

One of the main risk factors for breast cancer is obesity. It is found that physical activity protects against breast cancer and probably including the return of cancer after a successful treatment. It is very clear that slimming down through a watched diet and an exercise program, including weights, could lessen the risk of breast cancer in the immediate family - a real exercise program might be the one thing you can do you reduce your risk.

Many women are agreeable to the fact that they are somehow protected from various ailments like heart disease and osteoporosis by a plentiful supply of estrogen until menopause. With the decreasing supply of this female hormone, cholesterol content may get worse, bone density can decline and weight can start to rise. If you have never been physically active for quite a long time, now is a good time to start an exercise regime in general and weight training in particular. Exercise enhances the health of women in a number of ways at or around their menopausal age.

You do not have to run marathons or become a bodybuilder either. A simple regular walking with a well-designed strength training program at home can be your best weapon against the various lifestyle and age-related health conditions.

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