Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Magic Solution For Fat Loss : Ab rollers

The Magic Solution For Fat Loss : Ab rollers
Ab rollers:

In case you don't know what I'm talking about with ab rollers, they look like small cradles in which you lie with your head on the pad and hold on to the frame of the roller above your face. The idea is then to use the frame to help you perform ab crunches.

The idea is that it can help those unable to perform crunches without assistance. As with many fitness devices, all this serves to achieve is a solution to the problem (and a bad solution at that) rather than addressing the cause.

The cause is weak abdominal and core muscles meaning the individual is unable to generate the strength to pull themselves into the crunch position and control their torso on the way down.

This is exactly why yo must go through various stages of core and abdominal development so you can address your weak abdominal and core muscles rather than trying to cheat. In the short, medium and long-term the results in terms of increased strength, injury prevention and looks will be much better!

The use of the arms in this movement is akin to putting a motor on your bicycle and wondering why you're not getting any fitter! I bet you don't take a zimmer frame on the treadmill or wear armbands when you swim.

Why? Because you have taken the time (at some stage in your life) to learn how to do it properly.

Another key point on ab rollers is the limits on progress (not that any real success can be made anyway). As mentioned in the discussions on the magic, electro-machines, this exercise has sever limitations in that it can't be progressed other than to do more and more reps. This will help increase the supported crunching endurance of your abs but do nothing to improve their appearance.

Finlly, the nature of the exercise encourages the body into that forward curving posture. As most people will have poor posture from sitting at a desk and driving all day, this will only serve to compound their problem and encourage back pain and other postural complications.

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