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The Magic Solution For Fat Loss : Gym machines

The Magic Solution For Fat Loss : Gym machines
Gym machines:

It makes me laugh when people come into our personal training studio in Nottingham and seem confused about why we have virtually no machines.

Unfortunately it has become accepted that fitness venues must contain leg presses, leg extensions, pec decs etc.

These machines are useful for absolutely nothing unless you are looking to become a pro bodybuilder and you need to isolate individual muscles in order to produce perfect symmetry for when you're prancing on stage in your bathing suit.

Here's why fixed machines are vastly inferior to free weights for everything from strength gains to fat loss:

1) The purpose of these machines is to isolate muscles. The less muscles you use at one time, the less calories you burn during and after the session. If you are looking for muscle growth consider this. The chances are if you have reached this article you are not a bodybuilder but are looking for maximum fat loss and an attractive but functional body in minimal time. This can only be achieved using full body movements using free weights.

2) Nearly all of these machines involve sitting down. Your body is designed to move freely. It wants to run, jump, bend, lift, and twist. If you want your body to perform well in daily activities and sport you can't train it sitting down!

3) If you want to increase your strength you need to learn to use your body as one, solid unit. This is known as having a strong, coordinated kinetic chain which works well as one. If you treat your muscles as individual entities, your body will remain only as strong as its weakest link.

4) The Smith Machine is a popular tool for those looking to bench press and squat more. However, it doesn't allow your body to move in the arc of motion it would do naturally thus affecting your biomechanics and putting you at risk of injury.

5) Steppers and treadmills are also highly popular. Whilst the treadmill can be a great tool in winter, like the stepper it is often abused. Next time you're in the gym, check how many people hold on to the support rails on the cardio machines. This prevents you from using your natural motion and rhythm and will severely limit progress. Also it often results in shocking posture for the duration of the session. I used to watch a guy put the incline right up on the treadmill then hold on to the front handrail and lean back. This effectively put him back at the angle he would have been at had he stayed flat! All he achieved was giving his arms a good workout having to hang on!

Hopefully this article will stop you from falling for any more expensive, yet largely useless 'fitness tools'. There are many more marketing scams out there in addition to those mentioned so be alert!

Stick to free weights and your body's natural movements and you will progress.

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