Friday, April 9, 2021

The Magic Solution For Fat Loss : The power plate:

The Magic Solution For Fat Loss : The power plate
The power plate:

The theory behind the power plate is that the vibrations created by the machine cause stimulation to your muscles resulting in many rapid contractions. The story goes that this causes the muscles to become toned and also helps lose weight and increase strength.

The marketers claim all sorts of benefits from those mentioned above to increased flexibility and core strength to better coordination.

My response:

1) In terms of getting a toned stomach and tight legs it doesn't matter how much you electrify a muscle into stimulating. If you don't follow a solid nutrition plan you will not minimise your body fat thus not making your jelly belly look any better!

2) If this type of vibration is the solution to strength and fat loss, why isn't every Tube / Subway rider perfectly toned. Surely an hour on that every morning and every evening would work wonders! What about the pneumatic drill operators who get vibrated for hours each day and yet are still fat!

3) The Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal (2003), which is quoted as a source of scientific evidence on the Power Plate marketing page, concluded "Whole body vibration has the potential to induce strength gain in the knee extensors of previously untrained females to the same extent as resistance training at moderate intensity"

Moderate intensity doesn't get results therefore matching this is no great success!

Also, pretty much anything that got the muscles working in some form would result in strength gains in 'previously untrained' females. It is highly unlikely that it will have any effect on anyone who is even slightly experienced with resistance exercise.

Finally on this point, the research compares dynamic exercises on the plate to machine based exercises with weights. Dynamic, functional movements always lead to greater strength gains (and fat loss) over typical gym-based which is why they form the basis of the Storm Force Fitness programs.

4) I will always, always promote fat loss as part of a total approach to fitness. Exercise hard and eat well and you will achieve massive gains in strength, muscle tone, flexibility, and fat loss. I cannot understand people who want to lose fat without wanting to feel a million times better and live a much more fulfilling life by improving all areas of their fitness at the same time.

5) You can only achieve a certain level of strength gain with bodyweight. Beyond this point, there must be an involvement of weights in one form or another whether it be barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells or ideally a combination.

6) Where's the challenge in standing on a vibrating platform?!

It could be argued that these machines could enhance the effectiveness of your warm up in the gym. However, unless you play for a pro-sports team the chances are you won't have one when you go to play football or tennis so learn to mobilise your joints and warm up your muscles in a functional manner you can apply in any situation.

Do yourself a favour and find out how to lose weight whilst dramatically improving your all-round fitness and athletic ability rather than trying to take the lazy route. You'll be a much better person physically and mentally as a result.

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