Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Magic Solution For Fat Loss : Nintendo Wii Fit

The Magic Solution For Fat Loss : Nintendo Wii Fit
Nintendo Wii Fit :

As soon as I heard of this invention I knew the world was asking for trouble. I also knew that unfortunately it would sell very well.

For those who don't know, the Wii Fit is essentially a series of computer games which supposedly helps your entire family to lose weight. It includes bodyweight exercises and stretching amongst other games and also monitors your Body Mass Index and gives targets for you to aim for.

The problems:

1) It's another invention that treats the problem and not the underlying cause. In this case it's the slippery slope Britain and the rest of modern society is hurtling down. The use of computers and other technology are largely responsible for the new found laziness and inactivity we see everywhere. Whatever happened to kids playing in the park for 3 or 4 hours every weekend?

2) The Wii draws people away from real-life exercise in the fresh air which provides untold benefits along with the activity itself.

3) The old bodyweight argument again. There is only so much you can achieve with bodyweight in terms of strength gains and improving your physical appearance.

4) Because it is a computer game, people assume they can play it all they want. However, this couldn't be further from the truth as the risk of repetitive strain is great in the same way as playing any sport on a regular basis. This will mainly consist of wrist, elbow and shoulder strains from 'throwing balls' or 'boxing' with no specific tuition or strengthening of muscles such as the rotator cuff which helps stabilise and protect the shoulder during such movements. The danger is magnified by the fact that there is even less chance of players warming up properly.

5) The player can't achieve anywhere near the required level of intensity for real fitness gains and fat loss when they are essentially standing on the spot.

6) Do you really want to run on the spot looking at a screen for 30 minutes? Not only is this very boring but you cannot achieve the right biomechanics and elevated calorie burn achieved through sprinting or even fast running intervals.

7) The marketers at Nintendo promote the fact that it helps address postural issues. However, there are no exercises to counterbalance the effects of, and muscles worked during, press ups. How is this balanced? It can lead only to further hunchback postures!

8) On a psychological point, how do you think a 10 year old girl will react when the computer tells her she is overweight because of her elevated BMI?

Get outside! Swing some kettlebells! Sprint in the park! Forget computers for true fitness and fat loss!

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