Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Best Exercise To Lose Weight - Let's talk cardio :

Best Exercise To Lose Weight - Let's talk cardio
I think there has been more abuse of cardio than any other modality for weight loss in women.

For some reason, when women get it in their heads they need to lose a few pounds, they think either extreme, hyper-intense cardio...or spending hours on the treadmill is the answer. Please...burn this into your brain: Healthy weight loss occurs when you blend quality nutrition with intelligent exercise. It doesn't matter how much or how hard you train, workouts will NEVER overcome careless eating habits.

Extreme weight loss and sensible weight loss do not collide in the same sentence in any weight loss success stories for women I have ever read. Cardio is just one part of the puzzle and it ranks much lower in significance than making important changes in your lifelong eating habits.

With that being said, you should strive to integrate 30 minutes of continuous movement in your life each day. Get away from the iPad, get away from you cell phone, turn off the TV...and MOVE! (The average person watches five hours of TV each day. You can find the time!)

You can start with a simple walking program, then gradually move to jogging and running. You can start slowly on a treadmill or stationary bike, then gradually push yourself to more intense levels. Ideally, with cardio, you want to combine a couple of days of interval training workouts (segments of high intensity followed by short periods of rest/recovery) and steady-state cardio.

Weight loss success stories for women are all about approaching getting rid of belly fat and thigh fat in ways that are safe and sensible.

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