Friday, June 25, 2021

Abbreviated Weight Training, The Quickest Way To Tone Up Or Build Muscle : So, what's the answer?

Abbreviated Weight Training, The Quickest Way To Tone Up Or Build Muscle : So, what's the answer?
So, what's the answer?

Here's a fact: The quickest way to build muscle is also the quickest way to tone up - just don't take it that far if you don't want to look like Arnie!

A lot of people, particularly women, don't want a lot of muscle, so they shy away from proper weight training, thinking they will become huge overnight. Believe me, there are millions of people in gyms all over the world trying in vain to become huge (usually because of overtraining) who would be delighted if it was that easy... It's not. It doesn't happen by accident.

The good news though is that you can make a huge difference to your body, and it's not just cosmetic! Keeping your muscle mass from wasting away will stand you in very good stead for when you're older, and keep you fit and healthy, and your muscles and bones in good order way into your later years. Abbreviated weight training is the best way to go about it.

During the 90's I used to write for Stuart McRoberts' Hardgainer magazine, the leading source of abbreviated training wisdom. I was honoured to be writing alongside some of the foremost authorities on abbreviated weight training in the world, and I applied this knowledge to training both men and women at the gym I owned, with astonishing results.

Gentle exercises swinging around tiny pink dumbbells just won't do much for you, no matter what your local gym employee fresh from college might tell you. I found that anyone, male or female, who truly had the courage to start a proper abbreviated weights routine not only reached their goals faster than all the others, but stuck at it and found their training to be far more fulfilling.

The truth is that to make a great difference to your body, you will need to work hard. However, that hard work can, and should, be very abbreviated. You can make the very best gains in toning up and muscle building with just two or three sessions a week, lasting only half an hour or so each.

Am I promising what the "Get Abs In Thirty Seconds" type magazines promise? No... This is damned hard work, but very rewarding...

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