Thursday, June 3, 2021

Resistance Training : Strength and performance

Resistance Training : Strength and performance

Strength and performance

You may not be a woman interested in weight loss, you could well be training for a sport, or a physical job and need to not only develop good motor patterns and joint stability, but enough strength to function and perform whatever task it is you need. Obviously resistance training is key to building strength, whether it's absolute strength (the maximum amount of strength you can train), relative strength (the maximum strength you can achieve in relation to your body weight) or optimal strength (the amount of strength required to perform any given task). Obviously the type of training will need to be relevant to what your intended outcome will be. For example, a martial artist needs to be able to develop strength and speed, but if they are fighting competitively, they will need to keep their weight down. This is relative strength. They have to maximize the forces they can generate without building lean mass. If you look at a power lifter, they are not limited by their weight, they just have to get as strong as possible. Basically, the means must meet the end.

If we go back to our female weight loss client, she may be a mother and housewife and picking up her 3 year old, moving furniture and so on and so forth. She must be strong enough to lift a load off the floor, while maintaining optimal joint stability (especially in the lumbar region of the spine) and still be losing weight. Can you successfully meet all of those criteria just by training on the treadmill?

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