Friday, June 11, 2021

The Feeling Of Relief⁣, Weight loss :

The Feeling Of Relief⁣, Weight loss
The Feeling Of Relief⁣
Is Enormous⁣
A Clear Path Out Of The Dark⁣
I have a love hate relationship with food, as I'm sure a lot of others do also. Love to eat it, but my gosh, absolutely hate what it does to my body!⁣
Emotional eating really put me into a depressive, dark hole. Over the course of only 2 years I really put on the bulk of my weight, ballooning from a size 6 to almost a size 14! I was disgusting, I felt so bad that I just ended up eating more. Not a good place to be.⁣

It is simple to understand, with none of that medical mumbo, and the feeling of relief is enormous once you have a clear path out of the dark.⁣
I am lucky to have found this and I hope that others can benefit from it also. Thanks for everything ❤❤❤⁣

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