Monday, July 5, 2021

What Foods to Eat to Build Muscle (Part 1) :

What Foods to Eat to Build Muscle (Part 1)
An important aspect of bodybuilding is knowing what foods to eat to build muscle. While in theory you can eat practically anything and still gain muscles, choosing the right kinds of food can speed up the process and help you produce those slightly muscle mass in no time. Bodybuilding is a tall order if you're the lanky type or if you're leaning towards the heavier part of the scale. But by customizing your diet to your goal, you will more likely start gaining muscles more than you've ever dreamed of.

Always remember to not skip a meal. Meals are important because they provide your body the necessary energy to get going until you hit bed at night. Make it your goal so acquire as much protein as you can with every meal. Protein is what you need to energize your body's metabolic processes in order to sustain the production of muscles.

Males should have at least 20 grams of protein per meal while females should strive for 15. Good sources of this nutrient are fish, eggs, and lean meats. Avoid dairy products as they contain fat not suitable for muscle building. Focus on what foods to eat to build muscle. Also stay away from processed carbohydrates such as sugar and wheat as well as beans and potatoes. You may eat as much as 70 grams of carbo per day but make sure they are derived from more organic sources such as fruits and vegetables. A perfect example of fruits that contains carbohydrates is berries.

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