Monday, October 11, 2021

Fitness Babes - How You Can Be One of Them Too (Part 2) :

Fitness Babes - How You Can Be One of Them Too (Part 2)

Fitness Babes - How You Can Be One of Them Too (Part 2) :

Many of the workout programs for women are designed to increase flexibility and strengthen cardiac function. These routines will help you get that tummy flat and those legs and hips tight and defined. A few of the most popular programs are Pilates, yoga, aerobics and spinning.

These programs are all good for your body and your mind. These kinds of workout routines will help you get into that trim and firm shape that you desire. You are going to have to work out with weights 3-5 times a week if you really want to develop a fitness babe physique.

There are fitness classes for women that introduce you to the elements of bodybuilding and weight lifting. When women work with weights on a regular schedule, it gives them the ultimate results in toned and well defined muscles. This is a regular part of a fitness babe routine. A great benefit is that it also increases the overall bone density in females.

The only way for women to actually increase lean muscle mass is by using weights. A little known fact for women is that their lean muscle decreases 1% a year beginning at age 20. This means that without using weights you will already have lost 20% of your lean muscle by age 40.

This lean muscle decrease is due to muscle atrophy. Women have less lean muscle than men at the beginning and this is why aging shows up so fast on women's bodies. When you see older people who appear frail and have sagging skin, you are observing some of the results of muscle atrophy.

You can take action now to increase your lean muscle mass with a solid weight routine 3-5 times a week. You won't develop huge muscles. When women use weights they gain sleek, athletic toning and tightening of the muscles instead. So why wait? Be one of the fitness babes today.

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