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What You Need To Know About Body Weight Exercise Routines :

What You Need To Know About Body Weight Exercise Routines
Body weight exercise routines are a great way to keep fit and stay trim. While this is not the exercise path of choice for bodybuilders, it is a great way to workout for many people including women and seniors.

Using your own body weight for resistance is a time honored way to build strength. In this article we will take a look at some of the many ways you can use your own body weight in your exercise program. We will examine the benefits of body weight exercise routines. And we will include a simple exercise program that uses your own body weight to get you started.

All exercises use our body weight for resistance to some degree. If you lift a weight over your head, you are also lifting the weight of your arm. Even an exercise as basic as walking requires you to bear the weight of your body. Yoga, especially power yoga, uses the weight of your own body to build your strength.

Remember the calisthenics you did in gym class? You were using your own weight to do those squat thrusts. Every push up you do and every abdominal crunch uses body resistance to help you grow stronger.

There are many benefits that body weight exercise routines can offer you. They offer a great way to recover an illness or an accident. Physical therapists use the body weight of a recovering patient to guide the patient along the path to full recovery.

Body weight exercise routines can be used to build full body strength while getting a great cardiovascular workout. Remember those calisthenics we spoke of earlier? A simple twenty minute routine three times a week can really make a difference.

Here's a simple body weight exercise routine that you could do in about twenty minutes. It will give you a total body workout and get your blood pumping.

After stretching do three sun salutations. Next perform two downward facing dogs, two warrior ones, two warrior twos, and two warrior threes. These power yoga exercises will help your balance as well as your strength.

After this you can do three sets of push ups for at least 8 to 10 repetitions. Try to vary the types of push ups you do each session. Next you could exercise the legs with a couple of sets each of squats, lunges, and toe raises.

Finally, you will want to work on your core. Do a few sets of crunches and an exercise called "superman" where you lie on your stomach and lift your arms and legs off the floor.

This is just an example routine to illustrate the many possibilities offered by body weight exercise routines. Always check with your doctor before you begin any exercise program.

In this brief article, we have discusses the benefits of body weight exercise routines. We have given an example of what such a routine might look like. And we have looked at some of the many ways you can use your body weight to build up your strength and cardiovascular system.

Hopefully this article has at least piqued your interest in body weight resistance workouts. These exercises can be used by themselves or incorporated into your other workouts. They are just another option in the huge amount of exercise choices available to all of us.

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