Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Exercise Types For Physical Health (Part 2) :

Exercise Types For Physical Health (Part 2)
👉 Exercise Types For Physical Health (Part 1)

Exercise Types For Physical Health (Part 2) :

Aerobic Exercise: Also known as cardiovascular exercise, strengthens the muscles and promotes cardiovascular endurance. This is accomplished through targeting a specific heart rate and employment of exercises specifically designed to reach maximum and controlled heart rates. These types of exercises are aimed at improving oxygen intake by the body cells. Using a moderate to an increasingly higher intense exercise level for up to at least 20 minutes, moves the muscle groups as required to achieve effective oxygen intake and increased heart rate. Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing and playing sports are typically identified as aerobic exercises. These exercises are most effective in helping to lose weight. These exercises should be preceded by a warm up period and then followed by a cooling down period.

It is never too late to start an exercise program, from the very youngest to the very oldest. If reluctant to exercise outdoors or in gyms (public places), you can always opt for specific exercise equipment and workouts in the home. An active exercise program has not only proven to be beneficial in improving physical health, but also helps in treating depression and mental illnesses.

A cautionary note is that without a proper diet, too much exercise may be harmful to health. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that a balanced diet program be included in any formal and regimented exercise program. It is advisable that pregnant women and individuals who have medical complications consult and seek advice from appropriate medical personnel prior to implementing or following a particular exercise program and will help in recognizing and preventing any possible health risks.

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