Tuesday, December 14, 2021

How Much Better Can You Look Next Summer? :

How Much Better Can You Look Next Summer?
You know that you can't lose those extra pounds overnight-- they took years to pile on. But by making a plan and sticking to it, you can be significantly healthier in a few months. Now that fall is once again upon us, why not decide that next summer you will be on the beach in a skimpy swimsuit and comfortable in your own skin?

Putting together a fitness plan is relatively simple, and there is no reason to complicate things. There is no reason to spend money on books, tapes, and other "motivational" things. In fact, I think that keeping things as simple as possible leads to greater success for most people, and leads to less confusion. Here are some tips I can give you that have helped with success for many of my clients:

-Try to eliminate completely unhealthy trans-fats. Aside from keeping you fat, these are poison to your system.
-Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. (Strive for five!)
-Cut down empty calories, like processed white bread, white flower, sodas and sugar- the things that are too easily converted to fat in your body.

-Start weight training. Some women don't like this idea, but it really is the key to burning fat. As you build muscle, your body burns fat quicker. And no, you will not look a bodybuilder unless you train for years and really want to.
-Get some cardio exercise to regulate your heart and improve your lung's capacity to carry oxygen to your blood and muscles.
-As you lose weight and your clothes get too big, give them to charity-- there is no going back! Buy yourself new skinny jeans as a reward.
-Enjoy your new, thinner body. Get out and mingle and show off all of your hard work. The more you do, the more you'll be motivated to work harder.

You have nine months to get your "beach body" together-- plenty of time regardless of the condition you are currently in. Don't sit on the sidelines next summer- be part of the game!

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