Thursday, December 16, 2021

Lean Hybrid Muscle :

Lean Hybrid Muscle

Certain training programs designed to let a person gain muscle and strength might also lead to a person gaining fat according to Lean Hybrid Muscle. Most training programs enables a person to either gain muscle or lose weight but not both at the same time. It is claimed that resistance cardio training is essential in building a muscular body and Lean Hybrid Muscle is based on combining power lifting, bodybuilding, strongman and cardio exercises without the side effects that each form of training leaves. In essence the program claims to burn body fat without any negative impact on building muscle. To be able to perform the routines in the program a person needs barbells and dumbbells.

Lean Hybrid Muscle can be used by both men and women and does not require a person to spend more time training than currently spending but it will require a person to use the time differently. The program warns people against falling into the trap of thinking that more cardio is better and uses the comparison of a long distance athlete's body versus a sprinter's body. Some of the factors to consider when doing cardio according to the program are the time of day, the intensity and the length of the sessions. Most people do long duration and low intensity cardio and according to the program this is completely wrong as it will break down lean muscle for a person's energy needs.

Elliot Hulse a certified strength and conditioning specialist together with his friend Mike Westerdal, the founder of one of the biggest weight lifting sites on the web, developed Lean Hybrid Muscle. Elliot wanted to create a program that enables a person to loose fat quickly and following traditional methods was not an option for him. While researching various training methods he discovered a scientific concept of building a Type III muscle which has the capacity to grow larger and leaner whilst simultaneously burn fat. The exercises used by the program push muscles to undergo a reconfiguration and increase the number of mitochondria in the cells. By combining resistance training such as muscle training and strength training with cardio training in the same set, a person forces the thicker stronger Type II muscle fibers to morph into Type III fibers. The program includes several bonuses as well as quick response bonuses.

Lean Hybrid Muscle seems to be a very effective way to build muscle and lose fat at the same time whilst still keeping a person motivated.

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