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The Benefits of Kettlebell Training

The use of kettlebell for physical fitness in sports and health has recently experienced a surge in popularity especially in US. This has come as a no surprise as many top level U.S. athletes and celebrities have started using them to improve their performance and physiques. However, as a Perth kettlebell instructor it does not seem the case here in Perth Western Australia. I still often get people asking me what that cannon-ball shaped weight is and wondered if it is another fad training tool coming out of America. Obviously, the root of kettlebell training is from Russia and I have to explain that it is a traditional Russian strength training tool. As a kettlebell user and coach, I personally experienced and found that people gain the following 4 benefits.

Improved Functional Strength

Unlike Western strength method in the past, kettlebell training involves training the movements rather than training the specific muscles with isolation contraction. Although muscle isolation contraction with dumbbells or barbells can promote development of huge muscles bulk seen in bodybuilder, it does not confer enhanced functional strength that is useful in athletic performance or daily functional performance. Because kettlebell strength training emphasizes training the movements, it allows the individual to transfer the improved ability to

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness
Very often, people associate cardiovascular fitness with long-slow type of aerobic training such as walking or slow jog. The truth is, more vigorous level of cardio training is required to improve cardiovascular fitness. With kettlebell training, it can quickly improve the individual's cardiovascular fitness in less time than the typical type of distance training due to its high-intensity nature.

Enhanced Body Composition
This Russian strength training method can be a mix of high-intensity cardio and strength training that can results in fast fat loss that will improve the tone in the body. Because of the combined effect of high-intensity cardio and strength training, it can raise the post-exercise metabolism to an even higher level that will cause sustained high level of fat burning effects.

Reduced Risk of Injury
Although kettlebell training may look dangerous due to it ballistic nature, it is surprisingly safer than most people think. This is because it trains movements and movements are optimized as a result. There are fewer imbalances between the agonists and antagonists in the body. As such, injuries are not only greatly reduced the aches and pain in the body greatly diminished.

In conclusion, kettlebell training is a great all-round fitness tool for both men and women. However, it can lead to injuries like any other form of exercise if proper instructions are not undertaken. Always be sure about the proper techniques before undergoing a full kettlebell training program.

The Benefits of Kettlebell Training The Benefits of Kettlebell Training The Benefits of Kettlebell TrainingThe Benefits of Kettlebell Training  The Benefits of Kettlebell Training The Benefits of Kettlebell Training 

The Benefits of Kettlebell Training

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