Friday, January 14, 2022

Can You Crunch Your Way To Great Abs? : Conventional Abs Training Ineffective?

Can You Crunch Your Way To Great Abs? : Conventional Abs Training Ineffective?
Conventional Abs Training Ineffective? :

Maybe you are thinking bearing a "little" back pain is worth having a sexy flat belly. But doing crunches, weighted and bicycle sit ups in isolation is not that effective because you cannot spot reduce belly fat.

You could do 100s of crunches and sit-ups daily - your abs won't show if it is blocked by excessive stomach fat. Your body's metabolism just won't respond enough to burn off the excess tummy fat when you such exercises.

Case in point, I once saw a man on tv who had the Guinness record for sit-ups and he still had no abdominal definition. The key to getting the definition is doing the kind of workout that promotes fat burning over your entire body.

Unfortunately, there are certain areas of the human body that are more prone to fat gain (and by extension more resistant to fat loss); hips and thighs for women and stomachs for men.

There are scientific reasons for this of course. One is that those areas of the human body have greater alpha 2 receptors (A2) in the fat cells. A2 blocks the fat releasing enzymes in the fat cells and encourage body fat formation.

So to combat stubborn belly fat, you'll have to pay attention to the intensity of your workouts. Plus your diet is going to play a massive role in this.

Consume more sugary foods and drinks and you have a recipe for unwanted weight gain and possibly obesity.
I go into a deeper explanation of the science in this post but for now, these nutrition and exercise tips should put you on track to that perfect body. 

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