Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Will Doing Cardio Burn Muscle? :

Will Doing Cardio Burn Muscle?
The body needs muscle to be at it's best, even when well used and overworked. Muscle is broken down as a last resort. It doesn't make logical, natural and survival sense to start breaking down muscle for fuel when it is the one thing that could save your life.

Muscle will not be broken down to be used as fuel until all glycogen stores are completely depleted.

What to do about it: Not only does cardio give a great visual benefit (gets you looking trimmer and more toned) but it also strengthens the heart and lungs which will make lifting weights easier, it increases the amount of mitochondria (power-plants of the muscle) which will enable you to do more reps, it will also burn the harmful fat that could be collecting in your arteries and around your heart. Another benefit of cardio is increased blood flow to muscles. This is especially important as the muscles are healing from a tough workout.

The reason cardio is avoided so much by bodybuilders is thought to have started, as with many myths, by rumors escalating in to so called facts. A series of Chinese whispers exaggerated enough by so many people to actually be believable. Companies trying to sell muscle building supplements don't help either. They'll try to sell naive customers things like L-glutamine as a "preventer of muscle breakdown"ï» despite the fact there is no scientifically backed evidence to suggest it works.

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