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Female Bodybuilder of the Month Melanie Wiggins: You Don't Play at Bodybuilding, it's discipline 24/7/365! :

Female Bodybuilder of the Month Melanie Wiggins: You Don't Play at Bodybuilding, it's discipline 24/7/365!
Shea McFall Bakeris, Melanie Wiggins

Female Bodybuilder of the Month Melanie Wiggins: You Don't Play at Bodybuilding, it's discipline 24/7/365! :

Cast iron discipline is a given in womens bodybuilding. But even by the hardcore standards of female muscle sport Melanie Wiggins possesses a dedication lesser bodybuilders can only dream of.

Because when this huge and fabulous-looking female bodybuilder isn't in the gym, pumping iron and building muscle, she runs a restaurant!

That's right – while dieting down for bodybuilding competitions, when her calorie-starved body is screaming for fat, sugar and carbs, Melanie just happens to be surrounded by oodles of mouthwatering food!

And to stick to a bodybuilding diet in those circumstances requires discipline of Superwoman proportions.

But wow, Superwoman is right, because when Melanie steps on stage she is a thing of bodybuilding beauty - 165lbs of rock solid, gorgeously proportioned, fabulously athletic, female muscle.

At 5ft 7ins Melanie is not so much taller than the average female bodybuilder but she absolutely dominates stages, with those huge 16.5ins arms, mountainous back, and one of the most perfectly muscular side chest poses in the business.

At 36 years of age Melanie has an impressive 18 competitions under her belt – but she has rarely looked more muscular or better conditioned than she did at the 2013 Jr USA's.

Perhaps her new trainer/mentor helped – one Iris Kyle!

Melanie said: “The biggest thrill in bodybuilding so far would have to be meeting eight times Ms Olympia Iris Kyle! I met Iris through a mutual friend Mr. Al Smith. She and I talked on the phone first to discuss her training me.

“I was a nervous wreck before the phone call! After that, she guided me through many months of diet, exercise, and cardio.”

The results are undeniable and Melanie is now well-placed to push for top honours at the major contests.

Iris or no Iris though Melanie's real strength is Melanie, and her love for the sport of female bodybuilding.

Like she says: “I like being different with regards to having more size than the typical woman. More importantly, I need the structure & discipline.

“Bodybuilding is not something you do; it becomes who you are! It's not a hobby or a sport. You can play baseball or go fishing, but you can't play bodybuilding! It's 24/7/365.”

Melanie Wiggins - a future Ms Olympia in the making? We think so!


Female Bodybuilder Melanie Wiggins Full Athlete Profile

Name: Melanie Wiggins

Age: 36

Job: Owner of Southern Comfort Catering

From: I'm from Cleveland, MS. I currently live in Hernando, MS.

Height: 5ft 7ins (170cms)

Weight: Contest 164lbs (74.3kgs / Offseason 180lbs (81.6kgs)

Body type: Bodybuilder


Chest: 45ins (114cms)

Waist: we won't discuss this right now! HaHa!

Quads: 24ins (61cms)

Biceps: 16.5ins (42cms)

Calves: 16 (41cms)


Squat: Not enough! 315Lbs (143kgs) usually

Bench: 275lbs (125kgs) flat and incline (100lbs (45kgs) DB incline press)

DB shoulder press: 90lbs (45kgs)

Bicep curl: Dumbbell 50lbs (22.5kgs) / 125lbs (57kgs) straight bar

Contests and results: All total I've competed in about 16-18 competitions. The 3 I'm most proud of are winning HW at The Southern Classic, winning the Mississippi State Championship, and I'm really proud of my conditioning at the 2013 Jr USA.

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