Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Legs R Us - Get Nice Legs Fast! :

Legs R Us - get nice legs fast, is a cute way to say that you absolutely CAN have the thin thighs of your dreams if you learn a few of the secrets skinny Asian women have been using for years to get lean. These ancient methods are part of the reason how they're able to get their figure back so fast right after giving birth! Today we're going to take a look at how you can lose weight the Asian way and get nice legs fast.

Legs R Us - Get Nice Legs Fast!

One thing I don't want you to do under any circumstances are leg-based exercises that have you using your legs to move any weight or load.

Doing leg presses on a machine, or worse, doing squats like Men do where you're holding dumbbells and lowering yourself to the floor will NOT get you the legs you're after. Instead these exercises will actually stimulate and cause your thigh muscles and calves to grow, which is the opposite look versus what we're after.

You don't want to be a bodybuilder, you want "stick legs"!:)

Legs R Us - One Easy Method

Instead of lifting weights and doing endless lunges I have my weight loss clients all follow the Asian model for getting lean: Low resistance exercise at a longer duration.

Specifically I want you to choose your favorite relaxation activity, whether it's walking in the park, taking a bike ride on flat ground, dancing at a moderate pace, or even just walking. Whatever makes you happy as you do it.

This is important because if you really want to strip thigh fat and muscle to slim down your thighs you need to do this activity for at least 30 minutes every single day.

By going for that length of time your body has to use existing fat deposits for energy, and it will prioritize the deposits that are closest to whatever major muscle group is stimulated at that time.

In addition to your daily exercise, a well-rounded and complete program is necessary if you're going to get nice legs that will let you dust off that mini-skirt in the closet!

Legs R Us - Get Nice Legs Fast! Legs R Us - Get Nice Legs Fast! Legs R Us - Get Nice Legs Fast! Legs R Us - Get Nice Legs Fast! Legs R Us - Get Nice Legs Fast! Legs R Us - Get Nice Legs Fast!

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