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The Formula for Bodybuilding Success :

The Formula for Bodybuilding Success
People are confused! When it comes to getting in shape, people just don't know where to start, what to do, or who to believe. Just turn on the TV. How many infomercials do you see with the latest fad promising to give you the body of your dreams with only five minutes a day?! Give me a break!

It's always amusing and sad when clients come to me and ask what is a good pill to take to lose weight or what pill could they take to get big. My reply back usually comes in the form of a question about what kind of diet and training regimen they are following and I usually get the same reply; which is either a chuckle or a totally clueless look followed by: "Is it necessary to diet and exercise? Won't the pills take care of that?"

Beware of False Promises
Whenever a product promises results with no effort or very little of it, BEWARE.

Don't lose your hard earned cash like that! Please use common sense. Both the weight loss and bodybuilding industry feed on misinformation. Granted, there are supplements that when used correctly in addition to a good training program and diet, yield great results. However, without the training and the diet no supplement (or "pill" as many people like to call them) will help you in your quest to a better body. This subject brings us to the Formula for Success.

The Formula for Bodybuilding Success
No matter what your goals are, the formula for success will guarantee that you get the results you want. The only thing that differs is the way in which each individual has to implement it. This is due to the fact that each individual has different goals. For example, most women like to tone up their waist, legs, and their arms while most men are interested in getting large amounts of muscle size everywhere.

The formula is the following: S=Dx (T+N+R)

S is the success that you achieve in your program.
D is the determination that you have to achieve success.
T is the bodybuilding training that you'll use.
N is your nutritional program designed for either lean muscle gains or fat loss.
And R stands for rest & recovery.

How to Apply the Formula
Each component in the formula above can only have two values. A value of 1 is given to a component if it is followed completely. A value of 0 is given to any component that is not followed or followed halfway. Therefore, if every single component is followed, you get a maximum value of 3. In this case the person will get the fastest results possible from their program. If the person stops following one of the components inside of the parenthesis then you get a lesser value and not optimal results. However note that if you don't have any determination you get a value of 0 and then your whole program fails as you won't get any results. The reason for this is because determination is by far the most important factor in determining the amount of success you will achieve in your bodybuilding program and we will later see why.

After examining the formula above, now it is easy to see why just purchasing a sophisticated gadget or a couple of "magic pills" at the health food store are not going to cut it. In order to achieve permanent weight loss all of the factors described above have to be present and in perfect harmony. Follow one, but not the other one, and your success will be negatively affected. Now that you have an idea of what it will take to get the body of your dreams, let's go into each of the individual components of the formula for success.

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