Thursday, February 3, 2022

Top 5 Fitness Myths :

Fitness is a great way to shape your body and become healthier, but there are a lot of misconceptions about it and a lot of them can be disastrous for your health. In the following section of this article you will learn about the most preconceived ideas when it comes to fitness and exercising.

1 - Working everyday will lead to greater results - Although working out every day is beneficial for your health, a lot of people apply this advice erroneous and work out all the muscle groups. You don't have to work all your muscles every day because an important part of fitness is letting your body recover. Working out 2 groups of muscles one day and other two in the next day is a good method to see improvements; you will let your muscles rest for a day and you won't be tired every time you go to the gym.

2 - Stretching before workout is good - A lot of people believe this and they can't be more wrong. There are many benefits to stretching but most studies show that it's not very effecting before a workout; instead, you can do it after the workout. A lot of studies show that doing some stretching before your workout can actually damage your muscles during the strength training, so be careful.

3 - Muscle soreness can be prevented with hot water - This is another common misconception people have and it's actually damaging. Hot water can make your muscles feel even worse; instead, you should apply cold water or some ice where you feel sore because it constricts your blood vessels.

4 - Vegetarians have more energy - A vegetarian diet can have multiple health benefits, but when switching from a meaty diet to a vegetarian one you will feel like you have less energy for most of the time. Protein is essential to building muscle and giving you long term energy so make sure that you don't cut all the protein from your diet.

5 - Strength training is not good for women - There's a lot of misconception regarding strength training and one of the most popular is the one stating that women will get big muscles if they engage in this form of exercise. Muscles are very hard to achieve and strength training without supplements that will increase your muscles will not lead to a lot of muscle gain. You can easily define the muscles with strength gaining but you won't become a bodybuilder any time soon.

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