Friday, February 4, 2022

Reasons to Exercise Every Day :

Reasons to Exercise Every Day
Are you looking for some motivation to make exercise part of your daily routine or are you looking for reasons to move you away from the TV and off the sofa and out the front door for a bit of exercise today? Below are some great reasons to make exercise part of your daily routine.

Are you struggling to make yourself workout after a stressful day in the office or looking after the kids (or maybe even your husband)?

Most people find that actually getting to the gym and getting started on an exercise program is the most difficult part of losing weight and getting healthy.

Once you get over the initial hurdle of getting started and get into a routine you can usually get yourself motivated to keep going, however getting started is the first and most important step in the process.

To give yourself a bit of motivation and get you inspired to call up a personal trainer in your area or get into your local gym or health club that has its own private personal trainers, you have to think about the following three exercise facts:

Muscle burns fat - Fact

The more muscle you have in your body the less fat you are likely to have. Most people tend to look in the mirror and see the areas of body fat and wish they could lose them quickly. This approach is not the best way to look at the problem as most people are aware that losing body fat is going to take a bit of time and effort. People want quick fixes so the end up putting it off until tomorrow. Does that sound like you?

When you consider how much fat you need to lose it can sometimes be a scary proposition. This is one of the reasons that a personal trainer can help think about it more positively by getting you to focus on the positives such as building more muscle, rather than losing fat.

The result of you building muscle will be that your body will naturally burn more fat and your metabolism will increase as a result of this

But what if you have no clue how to build muscle?

Personal Trainers and fit pros have tons and tons of information and can help you build muscle faster than you ever could by training on your own. And don't forget that by building muscle you will be promoting Fat Burning and increasing your metabolism.

If you have a private personal training gym in your local area, that is the fastest way to find the best personal trainers in your area.

Muscle makes you smaller - Fact

Take two women who weigh 170 lb and stand them next to one another. They may weigh the same, but it's likely that one will look larger than the other in at least one area of the body. This is why two people can weigh the exact same but wear two different dress sizes. It doesn't seem to make sense until you learn what personal trainers already know: it's not what you weigh on the scale, but how much muscle and fat you have in your body.

If you build muscle in your body you will look smaller! You may not drop lots of weight on the scale, but you will definitely look smaller in your bikini and should drop at least 1 dress size. This is a great reason to start exercising as soon as possible.

As a side note for women who are scared of putting on lots of muscle like a bodybuilder, building muscle doesn't mean you will look like Arnie S it just means you will just look more toned and have less body fat.

Exercise makes you happier - Fact

This is the definitely one of the best reason to start an exercise program. Exercise releases natural endorphins (happy hormones) that lift your mood and make you happier. Why do you think so many people get addicted to exercise once they start?

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