Monday, March 7, 2022

The top 10 worst jobs for making you fat :

The top 10 worst jobs for making you fat

Receptionists are most likely to pile on pounds as a result of their job, unless they hit the gym, according to a new report.

Working as a teacher, engineer, or a nurse also puts you at greater risk of being obese – while a job as a humble factory worker is likely to leave you reasonably fit, the research claims.

The survey, carried out by jobsearch company CareerBuilder, polled nearly 3,700 workers and found 55 per cent of employees considered themselves overweight.

It also discovered that 41 per cent gained weight as a result of their current job and of those, 59 per cent gained more than 10 pounds.

Here's the full Top 10 list of jobs which make you fat:

Administrative assistant or secretary (69%)
Engineer (56%)
Teacher (51%)
Nurse (51%)
IT technician(51%)
Legal professional (48%)
Machine operator or factory worker (45%)
Scientist (39%)

The poll found that those who had put on weight had done so because of they were exposed to high levels of stress and spent long hours behind a desk.

They also claimed their jobs meant following a healthy lifestyle was very difficult and that controlling portions and counting calories especially challenging while at work. The food options available to workers were ovewhelmingly junk food too.

Despite more than half of all workers feeling overweight, nearly 6 of 10 employees said they work out on a regular basis.

Just under 50 per cent percent went to the gym at least three times a week.

Around 30 per cent said they did exercise, but not regularly, and 11 per cent didn't exercise at all.

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