Monday, March 7, 2022

Perfect pins: Try the Ronnie Blewitt THREE days a week leg blast! :

Perfect pins: Try the Ronnie Blewitt THREE days a week leg blast!

And on the third day... she hit three sets of lunges, three sets of deads and eight lots of calf raises!

Yes, it has to be said that throughout history some pretty impressive stuff has been pulled off in three days. But UK fitness champion Ronnie Blewtitt says her hardcore 'three-leg-days-a-week' routine is also fully capable of making miracles happen in the gym.

Ronnie's leg regime is not for beginners – three leg days a week is pretty extreme for many trainers.

Newbies should stick to training legs one day a week (two at the most).

But 5ft 9ins, 135lbs fitness beauty Ronnie says any intermediate to experienced gym-goer will make amazing progress with her program.

Sharing her training secrets with she said: “I've seen major changes to the shape of my legs with this routine, it's awesome!

“I tend to change my routines regularly and my body responds very well to anything I give it to do, but this may not be true for everyone so it may not advisable for every body.”

Anyone who doubts just how effective Ronnie's routine is might want to take a look at our gallery below!

Ronnie Blewitt's Profile

Ronnie Blewitt's Leg Blast

Session 1 - Monday
3x 15 frog squat
3x 15 feet together deep squat
3x 15 lunges
8x 15 toe press for calves

Session 2 - Wednesday
3x 15 front squat
3x (until failure) leg extension
3x 15 light lunges

Session 3 - Friday
3x 15 lunges
3x 15 stiff legged deadlift
3x 15 squat
8x 15 calf raise

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