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From overweight mom to fitness pin-up girl – the total transformation of IFBB Pro Linda Andrew :

From overweight mom to fitness pin-up girl – the total transformation of IFBB Pro Linda Andrew
Today mom-of-three Linda Andrew is practically a pin-up girl for the female fitness lifestyle revolution.

The Ghana-born beauty is 140lbs of fabulously feminine, toned muscle - and six weeks out from her first Pro fitness show, the Wings of Strength in Chicago on July 6.

But her fitness journey started out in a much darker place. Back in 2007 she tipped the scales at more than 200lbs, and she was listless and battling depression.

It is testament both to her personal strength and courage, and to the revitalising power of weight-training, that she determined to pull herself out of that rut and shine once more.

Today, at 38-years-old, she spends an inordinate amount of time in a bikini showing off that gorgeous, and hard-earned, bod!

She says: “I still can't believe it! Working out and proper nutrition have not only transformed my body but transformed me as a person.

“I have gone from 200lbs, with very low self esteem, to winning my pro card and taking half-naked pictures for a living! My physique is now my best shop-window for my business.”

There's an oft unstated truth in bodybuilding – that women (and men) who pump iron are just plain sexier than those who dont!

But does Linda feel sexier after six years pumping iron? Laughing she says “Yes! But I am also so much more confident. I guess we don't train this hard to look ordinary!”

But there is a serious side to Linda's training – she is determined to share the life-enhancing transformation she has undergone with other women.

She says: “It's fun doing the photoshoots but more than that, I hope I'm a role model, an encouragement for women wanting to get in shape and live a healthy life style.”

There could hardly be a better role model. Through focus, hard work and sheer passion for working-out she has sculpted an incredible body (those biceps are 15 inches by the way!) and competed in no less that 10 figure bodybuilding competitions.

She trains five days a week and recognises the vital importance of correct nutrition.

She says: “Deciding to hire a personal trainer was pivotal. My trainer told me nothing was going to change if I didn’t fix my eating habits so I started eating small meals every 2-3 hours and dropped 10-15 pounds in just a month.

“I worked hard and the pounds continued to disappear as the muscles toned. Then my trainer mentioned figure bodybuilding and I was surprised to say the least!

“But I took the risk and gave it a chance. Feeling nowhere near ready I entered my first competition in 2008 and I was hooked.”

In addition to the impressive array of contests (listed below) Linda is a wife, mother of three, Pro Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Nutritional Consultant, Bodybuilding Competition Prep Consultant, and a nurse at Grant Hospital, in Ohio, and The Ohio State University Medical Center.

She says: “I am passionate about empowering women to take control of their health whether it be a mom or a serious fitness buff looking to compete as a bodybuilder.”

Linda Andrew full profile

Name: Linda Andrew

Age: 38

Job: Nurse / Personal Trainer

Weight: 140lbs

Body Type: Fitness bodybuilder

From: Born in Ghana, west Africa – now Ohio, USA


Waist: 25 inches
Chest: 38 inches
Quads: 22 inches
Biceps: 15 inches
Calves: 15 inches


2009 Ohio Great Lakes

2010 Arnold Amateur - 10th Open Figure

2011 Masters Nationals Class D

2011 Arnold Amateur - 2nd Master Figure

2011 North Americans - 1st Master Figure Class D

2011 KY Muscle - 3rd Masters, 4th Place Open Figure

2011 Northern Kentucky

2012 Jr. Nationals - 11th Place Open Figure Class D

2012 Jr. USA

2012 IFBB North American

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