Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Secrets to Building Muscle in Less Than Ten Seconds : Isometric Abs

The Secrets to Building Muscle in Less Than Ten Seconds : Isometric Abs
Isometric Abs :

1. Sit up tall and straight in your chair.

2. Breathe in deep and suck in your stomach as hard as you can.

3. Now tense your stomach hard as though bracing for a punch - still keeping it sucked in

4. You feel that tightness, a slight quiver in the muscles? Good, that's the start.

5. Breath out tightly making an SSSSSSSSS sound. You'll feel your abs getting tighter.

6. As you breathe out crunch your abs really hard rotating your pelvis upwards and your rid cage inwards.

7. Breathe all the way out

8. Relax

How did that feel? If you did it right it should feel great. Yours abs will be warm, worked, feel relaxed and slightly tired. Now do it again and repeat until you've finished this article. Your abs will be tighter, firmer and more toned tomorrow morning then they are right now. Diligent practice of this one exercise will tighten and tone your stomach faster than 1,000 sit ups. Now to give you something entertaining to read as your tighten and tone your stomach here's the fascinating and scintillating science behind Isometrics. Iso (meaning the same) and metric (meaning distance) is a method of tensing the muscles without moving the angle of the joint they are connected to. The abs exercise above is an example of this. So is pushing against an immovable object. Try as hard as you can, tense every ounce of muscle fibre against something that can't move, you'll feel you've done great workout and in many ways you have! 

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