Thursday, May 12, 2022

15 months of my weight loss journey :

15 months of my weight loss journey
So proud I want to shout from the rooftops!!!
You guys were the original intermittent fasting community I joined and I've felt tremendous support from y'all. Last week I reached six months of maintaining my 126-lb loss. I lost the weight in 15 months, starting at 266 lbs and weighing 140 lbs now. I'm 5'9 tall and 37 years old...  

Some background info:

I started out because of a few things... two autoimmune conditions (psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis) and having a hard time really enjoying being on the floor with my two your children. Along the journey, my soon to be ex husband and I split and now I'm going through the divorce process... Fasting has been a constant, a stable lifeline to my own body, that I have 100% control over. Throughout the whole experience, I found that my community (the Deaf/ASL community) was really lacking accessible resources and information about intermittent fasting, so I began sharing my experience and built a strong little signing intermittent fasting community. These people inspire me to keep going in maintenance, and in keeping this lifestyle that really has turned me around 180 degrees.

For the entire 15 months of my weight loss journey, I didn't take one single day off from fasting. I did a minimum of 16/8 every single day! Now I take occasional breaks and average 18/6 most days, and do a quick 24 hour reset sometimes. For the first 12 months I tracked calories and did 16/8 to 20/4. Then for the next three months I stopped counting calories, and added a weekly 36-48 hour fast (keeping 16-20 the rest of the week), and was able to reach my goal weight that way. As for exercise, since I never exercised regularly to begin with, I didn't exercise at all until I hit my goal weight. Now I do resistance training and kickboxing, and am dipping my toes into dance. 😊😊

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