Thursday, May 12, 2022

Female Bodybuilding Competition Categories:

Female Bodybuilding Competition Categories

Several different categories of women's bodybuilding competitions exist to participate in. If you work extremely hard in the gym, there's no shortage of opportunities around the world to showcase your physique on stage like the five ladies below. In fact, bodybuilding represents only a small division of fitness competitors worldwide.

If you've ever wanted to compete in a fitness competition, it's important for you to learn the different divisions you can compete in. This will help you determine where your body type fits best and where you have the greatest chance of placing the highest.

Today, there are officially five different categories of women's bodybuilding contests. The largest organization that represents the umbrella for all five divisions is the NPC (National Physique Committee). When you compete, and win an NPC show, the organization will turn you into a professional bodybuilder and qualify you to compete in the elite IFBB pro (International Federation of Bodybuilders) contest.

Here are the different divisions for fitness competitors.

5 categories of women's bodybuilding competitions:

👉 1.Bikinis (Janet Layug example)
👉 2. Figure (Cydney Gillon example)
👉 3. Fitness (Whitney Jones example)
👉 4. Women's physique (Shanique Grant example)
👉 5. Female bodybuilding (Alina Popa example)

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