Sunday, May 15, 2022

How to Develop Muscles, Lose Fat and Get in Shape for the Ideal female and Male Body :

How to Develop Muscles, Lose Fat and Get in Shape for the Ideal female and Male Body
If you want to get in the kind of shape you can't wait to show off it's all about figuring out how to develop muscles, lose fat and get in shape. So why does it seem like this is the last thing you'll learn by reading the typical advice from the muscle media? Probably because they take their lead from the bodybuilders who preach that "bigger is better" is the only way to fly. It isn't. You, I and everybody else knows it, but in order to get the ideal male body you have to be able to figure out a way through the haze of the muscle maze and do what really works.

Here are some truths to remember that will help you

1) Bulking is for boneheads!
I can say that because I was one of them for years. Adding size for the sake of it is not a great idea, since that bulk is usually just body fat. You really can't big your way to the body of your dreams, and making yourself overweight on purpose is not good for your looks or your health.

2) Building muscle and losing fat is the path to the perfect body
This double whammy is what the lean and toned look is all about and is the simple answer to how anyone can improve their physique.
If you ever take a look at the transformations in before and after photos, you'll get the picture. It goes a long way.

3) It's not about being bigger, but better

Thankfully when you lose fat and get lean you really don't need the amount of muscle you may believe you do in order to look good. The muscle mags are misguided, and studies have shown that even if it is possible to get freaky big. You want the look of an underwear model rather than the look of an oiled up bodybuilder.

This is guaranteed to save you a lot of time, a lot of money on supplements, and a lot of clothes you would have to buy to fit the new super-sized version of you.

4) The ideal male body is not so far away

So enough of what you won't need to do. What you will need to do is to use workouts that improve the shape and proportion of your body, at the same time as finding and using an eating plan that gets you on the way to being lean enough to see the muscle on the new improved you. It really can be just that simple. When you know how to do this the question won't be what does it take to get the ideal body, but rather; what are you waiting for?

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