Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Can Shake Weight Really Help Me Get Strong Arms Without Bulking Up?

You may already know that to get big, bulky arms, you need to lift weights (or spend a lot of time doing what the bodybuilders refer to as "pumping iron") along with some other strategies, both in nutrition and exercising. Results take quite a long time - sometimes several months.

But what if what you want is arm strength and tone, without the bulk (and bulging veins)? And also without the time commitment? Most women don't want sinewy arms - and many men don't go for the Schwarzenegger (in his prime) look, either. But just about everyone wants to be able to wear clothing with confidence, never having to worry about 'arm jiggle' or bingo wings.

The fact is, upper arm flab or thin, wimpy arms are embarrassing. Who really wants to always have to cover their arms - or skip the beach? Or give up on sleeveless dresses and tops? If you want stronger, more attractive arms - but don't want bodybuilder arms, lifting weights should still be part of your strategy. What changes is how you use the weights.

Specifically, this means less weight and different exercises, and also fewer repetitions of those exercises, than if your goal is bulking up. You will also want to add in some cardio, such as jogging or power walking (arms pumping) or swimming.

A new device that uniquely combines weight and cardio is the Shake Weight dumbbell, which comes in two versions - The Shake Weight for Men, which is 5 pounds, and The Shake Weight for Women, 2.5 pounds.

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