Saturday, June 11, 2022

How to Build Pectoral Muscles : 2. Incline Bench

How to Build Pectoral Muscles : 2. Incline Bench
2. Incline Bench :

This is also another core exercise for the chest and works the upper chest. A well built upper chest should jut out like a dashboard and clearly delineate the neck line.

I believe a guy named Serge Nubret built the most impressive upper chest of all time. Only body building fans will know him but you can Google him and look at his upper chest! He was even better than Arnold in this one respect!

Use an incline bench press for this. Some gyms have an adjustable one, which you should set to about 45 degrees.

The correct form for this exercise is a little tricky and takes some practice. When you do it right your arms should also be more inclined (as opposed to pushing up straight forward) and you should make sure you feel the stress in the pecs.

Pushing too much forward ends up working the shoulders and not the chest.

It is useful to have someone spot you the first few times.

Also note that you will generally be able to do less weight on this than on the flat bench. 

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