Wednesday, July 13, 2022

How to Get A Toned Body : 2 - Cardio Exercise

How to Get A Toned Body : 2 - Cardio Exercise
2 - Cardio Exercise :

While strength training has its own advantages, cardio is still the core menu in burning excess fat. However, most people do it in the wrong way. Buying expensive treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, or any other fitness machines won't give you the result that you want. The men and women in the commercials didn't get their perfect body through the machines they promote; I'm 100% sure of that one fact.

Doing long and boring steady paced cardio on your machines will only waste your time and won't get you anywhere. The right way to do it is applying interval training in your cardio exercise. For example: if you run, keep alternating between standard jog and sprint; this way, you'll get much better result within shorter time.

By keep alternating your exercise from low intensity to high intensity, you'll make sure that your metabolism rate stays high. This will ensure fast fat burning; something that you won't get in a standard cardio.

That is how to get a toned body. Of course, in addition to the exercises, you also have to pay attention to what you eat and your lifestyle. Healthy eating and enough rest per day will boost your every effort to have a toned body. So spare some of your time at least three times per week for exercising and educate yourself a little about healthy eating; you'll get your dreamed body before you know it.

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