Friday, August 5, 2022

11 months of progress between these two photos and I don’t restrict any foods at all☺️ :

11 months of progress between these two photos and I don’t restrict any foods at all☺️
Have you ever felt stuck and like you're getting nowhere with training and nutrition? Nothing will stall your progress more then the all or nothing mindset. It takes a lot of dedication and consistency to transform your body, I had to learn to not let impatience get the best of me. I remember when I first started training, during the first few months, I felt stuck and like I would never reach my goals. I didn't look at the gym as a place I was excited to go to either.

The mindset I had was keeping me stuck viewing the gym as a place where I would go to punish myself if I ate "bad" instead of a place that I would use intentionally for not only changing my body, but also for stress relief. I specifically remember a time when I had eaten some ice-cream on a Sunday night, and all I could think about the entire next day was obsessing over the "mistake" that I had made eating ice-cream and I needed to go to the gym to do cardio to burn all of the calories from the ice-cream off.

I thought I would never get out of that mindset. I had to learn to not get too caught up in that process, and that having a little ice-cream wasn't going to prevent me from getting results. If you have to, work with a professional to get through that mindset. Finally having the freedom from feeling like I needed to punish myself from eating something "bad" is such a great feeling. As soon as that mindset was broken, I started to see results and became confident and happier mentally and physically. You have to stay focused on your ultimate long term goal. Focus on the process, stay consistent, get help, and you will see changes and progress. I hope this helped someone today and I hope everyone reaches their goals!

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