Sunday, August 21, 2022

3 Basic Elements to Muscle Building :

There is something impressive about a fit, muscular physique in both men and women. There is almost an aura, an air of confidence that emanates from these people, something that captures the attention of most of those who are in their presence. It may not be the only route to success in other areas of their lives, but men and women who have dedicated themselves to building muscle and fitness seem to have more than their share of success on other endeavors.

Muscle building has gone from an athletic event, where the muscles were simply a bi-product of athletic training and competition, to being the entire focus of the dedicated bodybuilder. What may have started as a means to achieve greater athletic performance has become the end in itself.

To build muscles requires three basic elements: Training the muscles, proper nutrition and plenty of rest.

Exercise - In the early days of bodybuilding, muscle-builders worked every muscle to exhaustion in every workout, sometimes six day per week. When science entered the picture, it became understood that overworking the muscles can inhibit their growth. Now, bodybuilders focus on one muscle group per workout, blitzing it to total exhaustion, while working the other muscle groups lightly or giving them a rest. One heavy workout per week for each muscle group has been deemed sufficient to make them grow.

Nutrition - When you exercise a muscle strenuously the muscle fibers are injured. When properly fed, these tired and torn muscles rebuild themselves, larger and stronger than before. Good nutrition is the keystone to muscle-building success. Most bodybuilders have a nutrition program involving lots of natural proteins, minimal processed foods, if any, and "good" carbohydrates . . . those from natural vegetable sources. They avoid refined starches and sugars like they would the plague.

Rest - Muscles must be rested if they are to be rebuilt from the protein intake. Rest doesn't mean being a couch-potato, it just means that other muscles are exercised or other physical activities are engaged in that stimulate the mind and body.

The mental and physical stimulation that accompanies a good fitness program will last a lifetime. It is never too late to start an activity that will last the rest of your life.

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