Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I spent 10 years dieting in the hope of trying to lose weight :

I spent 10 years dieting in the hope of trying to lose weight

I always regained the weight again and again!  
I was the queen of trying the latest fad diet and to jump on quick fixes, in search of losing just a couple of pounds.
I had such a hard time staying consistent - I felt I was doing everything right but the number on the scales never seemed to budge and I became more disheartened with every attempt.
I ended up blaming outside circumstances for my failures:
My 'broken metabolism'
Not enough time
To busy with work
My genetics
The list goes on...
But none of those things were actually my enemy and I had to learn this the hard way myself!
That’s because... the 1 thing standing in between me and my goals was...

In reality I hadn’t found a weight loss method that I enjoyed or could stick to, most of them were so restrictive I would end up falling off the wagon and going into binge mode - I was trying to conform to someone else’s plan.
I had to accept responsibility for my past dieting failures and let it go, I felt FREE and I started to embrace the weight loss process.
I focused on the basics:
I was prepared - I planned out my food, my training, my walks, my bedtime, my water intake each and every week.
I tracked my calories so I could eat the foods I loved and stayed in a small calorie deficit consistently
I moved more and got at least 8,000 steps in per day and started strength training 3 x per week
Weight loss doesn’t need to be complicated, confusing or restrictive!
So, if you’re there right now stuck in a yoyo dieting cycle, know that I see you and feel you.
And if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you ❤️

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