Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Why You Need Muscle to Lose Weight :

Muscle is your friend when it comes to permanent weight loss! Without it you will lose the war against the bulge and you will always be fat!

This is a very important fact most people - especially women miss!

Some of you might be saying "I do not care if I lose muscle; I just want to lose weight".

You have to understand that muscle burns more calories than fat - which helps to keep your metabolism elevated. This is important; a pound of muscle will burn 12 calories even at rest! This means you could go to sleep and still lose weight automatically!

Think about this - if you gained 10 pounds of muscle you would be burning 3900 calories a month. This is enough to burn a pound of fat a month without any effort or diet.

Do you see why muscle and weight loss go hand in hand?

The other relationship between muscle and weight loss is that muscle also gives you a shapely, firm and more defined physique. You see, all the movie stars and models, they look that way not because they are thin but because they workout and have muscle mass! Compare that sexy look to the look of a marathon runner-who is thin but has no muscle and is in fact flabby looking!

Which would you rather look like in a bikini or in swimming trunks? The shapely, firm and more defined physique is the right answer.

The great thing about building muscle and losing weight is that if you did not change your diet and used these bodybuilding secrets to build muscle - you would lose fat!

If you diet, you will end up with less muscle than when you started, and you can bet your last dollar that your metabolism would have been lowered a great deal, which, in the long run, means your body will be burning fewer calories and storing more fat. In short you will get fatter!

Yes, in the end, you will get down to the weight that you desire, but you will have more body fat, less muscle mass and no muscle tone to show off!

Dieting with a fad routine will get you fatter! With no exceptions! Bodybuilders know this and that is why they can lose body fat with precision without ever failing! In fact, they are so precise they can even lose weight down to the last pound!

So how does one go about losing weight and building muscle?

Do what bodybuilders do! That is the way and the only way to permanently lose body fat forever!

Honestly, if you are tired of being overweight and "soft," or if you desperately just want to develop your "six pack," then you must learn what bodybuilders know! Trust me your life will never be the same once you use this method!
If you use this information-which is the only scientific proven way to lose fat, you will be able to make dramatic changes to your physical appearance in a very short period of time. And best of all the changes will be permanent
Natural bodybuilders have been successful in losing body fat while maintaining their muscle mass for years. The methods used by bodybuilders to lose weight and build muscle actually work.so the best ting to do is emulate their fat loss methods and get the body you deserve.

Why You Need Muscle to Lose Weight Why You Need Muscle to Lose Weight Why You Need Muscle to Lose Weight Why You Need Muscle to Lose Weight Why You Need Muscle to Lose Weight Why You Need Muscle to Lose Weight

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